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This printable is designed by parents of autistic children with the help of educators with specialized expertise in children on the autism spectrum. It is created with careful consideration of the physical, sensory and social challenges many children on the autism spectrum face.

We get it. Sports are not for everyone. But with so many health benefits of physical activity, we believe everyone deserves a chance to find something they love to do. This activity book is designed to empower young athletes by helping them discover their interests, strengths and enthusiasm for sport. 

Absolutely! Everyone can benefit from sports and physical activities. This Activity Pack is designed for anyone interested in learning about themselves, celebrating what makes them unique, understanding their emotions, and setting goals.

This activity Pack is appropriate for children with ADHD.

This Activity Pack is appropriate for children aged 6+, and also tweens and teens. The activities in this book are meant to be facilitated by a grown-up, whether it be a parent, grandparent, teacher or coach. 

Absolutely! These Activity Packs were designed and vetted by teachers and psychologists and are appropriate for individual use or in a classroom setting. 

Run Jump Play was developed with Molly Lawlor, Ph.D, an expert in child and adolescent social and emotional development.

Our Activity Pack Goals

✓ Discover passion and enthusiasm for sports

✓ Overcome barriers to physical activities

Inspire children to do physical activities 

Develop a growth mindset

✓ Challenge stereotypes
& myths about autism

✓ Happier
calmer & less anxious children

✓ Social-emotional learning for children

Watch Videos

Families watch Run Jump Play videos to learn about how other children are overcoig challenges to find a passion for sports and physical activities. 

Learn With Printables

Have hands on fun with activities and learning with the Athlete Self-Discover Packs.

Get Active

These Activity Packs inspire children to find physical activities they love to do.

Less Anxiety/Better Health

By doing regular physical activities, children will be calmer, happier, healthier and less anxious.